About Us

Being Sri Lanka's leading shirt brand, boasting a shirt manufacturing experience of over 60 years. We realize the rising potential of the average Sri Lankan man in being a true trendsetter in the fashion industry today. With an extensive range of premium quality shirts catered specifically in order to enhance a man's own fashionable personality, who better to clothe the Sri Lankan man than the only brand who can actually deliver- Emerald and our unwavering commitment in invoking the latest fashion trends in the market at a constant pace to our customers helps churn out the best of clothing to make you look good.

We believe style and comfort should go hand in hand, thus the reason for making you feel good goes beyond simply providing you with clothing that you find comfortable and easy to wear. Our belief lies in the fact that luxury is in the finer details. This inspires us to use the best fabric and embellishments in our products which help give you the feel of confidence. The nature of believing that you look good and also to simultaneously experience it is guaranteed to keep you smiling. We at Emerald vow to keep that going.

The emerald team, from the manufacturing flow to the executive board room all share the same drive in carrying out their tasks; the heartfelt passion in perfecting the art of shirt making.

We at Emerald sincerely believe that every opinion deserves the right to be voiced out, hence the implementation of the company open door policy that encourages employees and any stakeholder to step forward and seize the opportunity in voicing their opinion and giving input towards the betterment of the organization.

As the no:1 trend setter for a gentleman’s fashion lifestyle, Emerald assures that it acts like one too. It’s not bragging if you’ve got the evidence to back it up, so we talk the talk with a guaranteed ability to walk the talk.

Our brand is built on our employees’ passion for excellence, who have built on the foundation that we have now come to know as family or rather the proud members of the Emerald team. We have developed on the basis that what drives our company to its full potential is the commitment and hard work put in by our employees who consider this home as much as we regard them as family.

Having been steered by a strong management ethic cemented by fairness and equality by Mr. Fatha since the inception of the organization, we at Team Emerald despite our origins stand as one force proud of our multi-cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The diversified workforce helps create the perfect balance and strong backbone that is required by a fully-fledged company striving beyond success.